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Web Developer

I am an experienced freelance Web developer and Graphic Designer based in Port Huron Mi (810)956-0047 with over 15 years of commercial experience. I specialize in building websites and applications using modern languages. I have expertise with MVC, C#, Flash, ActionScript3, Javascript, jQuery, HTML, CSS, ASP.net, Facebook API, Paypal API, Ajax, and MsSQL.

: 810-956-0047

: bob@ralinder.com

: 29494 ASHLAND AVE 103



Web Design

Jan 2002 - Present

Visual Studio

What is MVC Web Design?

MVC is one of three ASP.NET programming models. MVC is a framework for building web applications using a MVC (Model View Controller) design: The Model represents the application core (for instance a list of database records). The View displays the data (the database records).

Flash Design

Jan 2006 - Dec 2008


Certificates of Completion for:

ActionScript 3.0 Projects: Game Development Course duration:December 27, 2015 certificate no. 6C327234A8F3485E92AA3EFA19A66D63

Up and Running with C# Course duration: December 25, 2015 certificate no. C379400F98D64B398B12846EADCFA8A7

Up and Running with Flash Professional CC Course duration: December 14, 2015 certificate no. D824C4C4A1F941CABA761DDFC3ACBBC3

Flash Professional CS5: Creating a Simple Game for Android Devices Course duration: 3h 35m December 03, 2015 certificate no. E7692D1037884AC4BF77118AB169F8AD

ActionScript 3.0 in Flash Professional CS5 Essential Training Course duration: 7h 8m November 26, 2015 certificate no. 2580E15684FB492897C02BCBDE274EF8


Skill Set

C# Visual Studio
Flash Design
SQL Server

Work Experience

Online Soft Web LLC

Jan 2000 - Dec 2006

Web Developer

Web Programmer and Graphic Designer

  • C# Programmer.
  • SQL Data Storage and Design
  • Flash Designer


Dec 2006 - Present

Senior Web Developer

C# Programmer and Flash Mobile App And Mobile Game Design

  • C# Programmer
  • SQL Data Storage and Design
  • Flash Mobile App Developer
  • Flash Game Designer.